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Your Cuba

Beautiful Cuba

Twenty-first century Cuba promises to be like nowhere else you've ever visited. This beautiful island nation is economically poor, but culturally rich; and visibly aged, yet architecturally magnificent. Here in a country of few material possessions, Cuba continues to amaze travelers from around the globe with its beaches, bays and mountains, and its world-class rum, exuberant music and exquisite art.

The key lies in the Cubans themselves: survivors and improvisers, poets and dreamers, cynics and sages. Your Cuba is a wildly vivacious place where taxi drivers quote Hemmingway, and visitors are quickly ensnared by the intrigue, romance and paradox that is Cuba.

From white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters to antique cars to the historic 1946 Latinoamericano Stadium, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Cuba.


History & Culture

With 6 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites ranging from the remains of 19th century coffee plantations to Old Havana with its interesting mix of Baroque, neoclassical monuments, and private houses with balconies, wroughtiron gates and internal courtyards, this country is immersed in history.

Walk the streets of Trinidad, a living museum of Cuban sugar production which includes the sites of 75 former cane sugar mills or explore the stone fortress of the San Pedro de la Roca Castle as it guards the Santiago de Cuba bay. There is no shortage of cultural monuments, art galleries and creative street murals to capture your imagination.


Nature & Outdoor Activities

Cuba offers a variety of outdoor sports and activities for everyone to enjoy. Looking for sun, sea and sand? Cuba has more than 300 beaches where you can choose from dazzling white, to glittering gold to distinctive black toned sands. Experience the “Isle of Youth” pine forests and mingle with orange blossoms and warm ocean breezes.

Home to 6 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and 2 UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites, eco lovers can choose from hiking along one of over 100 nature trails, horseback riding, birdwatching, and more. From deepsea sport fishing to classic golf courses to historic baseball stadiums that take you back in time, come experience Your Cuba, Your Way.

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