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Important Info

Air & Land Arrangements: Daylight Savings Time and Jamaica

It is important to note for passengers embarking or disembarking in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on or after the 13th of March, that Jamaican time will be 1 hour behind Cuba, Canada, and the Ship’s time. After the 13th March, arriving in Montego Bay at 08.00am local time will actually be 09.00am ship’s time. As such, you will need to be on the ship by 7pm Jamaican time as the ship will depart at 8pm Jamaican time, 9pm ship’s time.

Travel Documents: Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is mandatory for all tourists visiting Cuba. This is a requirement of the Cuban government and and all passengers must show proof of medical insurance at time of boarding. Passengers who are not able to show proof of insurance may be denied boarding and in such case no refund will be provided.

Please speak with your Travel Agent at the time of making your reservation.

Travel Documents: Identity Card/Passport and Customs Formalities

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your trip. It is your responsibility to obtain all information regarding the various documents and or visas required for each country you will be visiting before you embark the cruise ship. Passengers arriving from abroad are responsible for acquiring the appropriate documentation to be allowed to enter the country. A valid passport or is essential if you are travelling within Cuba. Any visa required for any part of your cruise must be obtained prior to leaving your country of residence.

Travel Documents: Cruise documentation

Your passport, E-Ticket and proof of medical insurance are required for embarkation.

Travel Documents: Luggage & Health Insurance

Luggage and Health insurance is an important consideration, since the carrier has limited liability as per the carriers' conditions of carriage.

Travel Documents: Luggage

We strongly recommend the use of security locks for your luggage throughout your journey. Jewellery, medication, travel documents and Passport/ID card should be kept in your hand luggage which should be kept with you at all times. All luggage should be clearly labelled. Do not forget to specify your name and cabin number on your luggage labels.

Travel Documents: Lost, stolen or damaged luggage

Celestyal Cruises is not responsible for any loss or damage to your luggage during transit to the vessel. In case of loss or damage, you should immediately advise the carriers involved and your insurance company.

Travel Documents: Health Requirements

Check with your Travel Agent and/or your doctor regarding the health requirements of the countries to be visited. In certain circumstances a “fit to travel” declaration from your physician may be required. Passengers who need assistance and/or have special requests or need special facilities or equipment must notify their Travel Agent or contact our Reservations department at 1-855-364-4999 at the time of booking.

Travel Documents: Medication

Should you take a prescription medication, please ensure that you bring an ample supply as some prescription drugs may not be available onboard. It’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of spectacles or contact lenses should you need them.

Travel Documents: Pregnancy

Passengers may travel up to their 24th week of pregnancy, provided that they are holders of a written certification for travelling ability issued by their gynecologist. We recommend that pregnant women who have not yet completed the 12th week of their pregnancy by the date of the cruise, to contact their gynecologist. 

Travel Documents: Infants

Infants under 3 months are not permitted to sail with us for their own health and safety. Should you need a baby cot (for infants 3 months and above) please inform us personally or via your travel agent at least one month before sailing at 1-855-364-4999. Please note that we do not provide formula or baby food, and there is no babysitting service onboard.


For your convenience our vessel operates with a cashless system. Your personal embarkation card allows you to charge to your shipboard account almost everything onboard, including shore excursions, gift shop purchases, wine and bar bills, spa and beauty salon, photos and cabin service.  Casino transactions cannot be charged to your shipboard account. Upon embarkation you should contact the Reception desk in order to activate your personal account. We recommend that all credit card holders register their card to settle their account, as this will assist them in a smooth disembarkation (checkout). We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Debit cards or personal cheques are not accepted. For those passengers not wishing to pay by credit card, payment can be made in cash or travelers cheques. On the last day of your cruise an itemized invoice with all expenses will be delivered to your cabin. Note: All expenses incurred on the last day of your cruise, after settling your shipboard account, must be paid in cash.

Travel Documents: Gratuities

Gratuities are included in the “All-Inclusive” package. For all other cruise passengers, gratuities can be prepaid when making your booking or paid onboard. We recommend $10 USD per adult per day or $5 USD per child per day (up to the age of 11). Gratuities are automatically added to your shipboard account in case you have not prepaid them. Should you choose to increase or decrease the amount, please let the reception staff know prior to finalizing the charge on your credit card.

Travel Documents: Diet requirements

If you have a particular diet requirement please contact our Reservations department at 1-855-364-4999 or advise your travel agent to instruct us no later than two weeks prior to departure.

Travel Documents: Are you celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary or Honeymoon?

Please contact our Reservations department at 1-855-364-4999 or advise your travel agent to instruct us no later than two weeks prior to departure.

Travel Documents: Bon Voyage Gifts

Would you like to send a gift of fruit, flowers or wine? We provide gift certificate for use in the Beauty salon, Cocktail parties, renewal of wedding vows, special celebration gifts for your clients, family or friends. Please contact our Reservations department at 1-855-364-4999.

Travel Documents: Optional Shore Excursions

Our shore excursions are designed to offer to you the very best enjoyment at all destinations. Our guided tours focus on important sites and highlights at our ports of call. Where possible, time is allowed for shopping and individual interests. We take extra care to guarantee the best local tour guides and motor coaches for all of our tours. Our cruises feature regular onboard shore excursion briefings to every port of call, providing useful facts on history, culture and general characteristics. Our professional shore excursion staff will also advise you on your touring plans. All our shore excursions can be purchased onboard, immediately after embarkation. The language for all shore excursions is primarily English but other languages are accommodated when minimum numbers are met.

Travel Documents: Pets

For health reasons, pets are not permitted onboard our ships.

Travel Documents: Weapons, Sharp Objects, Articles of a Dangerous Nature and Forbidden Substances

Ammunition, sharp objects, articles of a dangerous nature, and forbidden substances such as non-prescription drugs are not permitted onboard the vessel. Bringing such items onboard, shall render the passenger strictly liable to the Carrier for any injury, loss, damage or expense including any fine or penalty.

For Your Information: Daily Program

Each evening, a program detailing the following day's activities will be delivered to your cabin. This will include arrival and departure times, excursion departure times, social activities, meal times, opening hours of the onboard services, evening dress code and other useful information. Please read it carefully.

For Your Information: Guest Relations Office

Our onboard personnel will be pleased to help you and answer all your questions. The Guest Relations Office at Reception is open 24 hours a day.

For Your Information: Electric Current

The electric current onboard our vessels varies: 110v AC or 220v AC.  We recommend bringing a European to North American adapter for your devices.

For Your Information: Smoking policy

Smoking is permitted only in one part of the Thalassa bar, deck 5, aft.  The ship's staff can direct you to these areas.  Please check the ship's daily program for further guidance.

For Your Information: Laundry and pressing

A laundry and pressing service is available onboard our vessels. Complete the form, place the clothing in the laundry bag provided and your cabin steward will do the rest. Your onboard account will be charged accordingly.

For Your Information: Pool towels

Cabin personnel will provide you with sufficient towels which will be replaced as required. Passengers are kindly requested to return the used towels to their cabin. Should you fail to do so, your shipboard account will be charged automatically per piece.

For Your Information: Visitors

Due to security reasons and the comfort of other passengers, visitors are not permitted onboard.

What To Pack: Day wear

During summer, casual light-weight resort wear, including light cotton clothing, swimwear and a beach robe are recommended. Swimsuits are not allowed in the restaurants.  Shorts or Bermuda shorts are acceptable at lunch time only.  If you wish to have lunch in your swim attire you can enjoy a buffet meal on deck. Tennis shoes or low heeled walking shoes are most suitable for exploring the ports of call. In case of a cool breeze or unexpected shower a light jacket or sweater is recommended. A hat and sunglasses are always recommended. Binoculars will be a great asset to your enjoyment whilst at sea and during the excursions while we also suggest you have your camera ready at all times. When visiting places of worship, shorts are not allowed and shoulders should be covered.

What To Pack: Evening wear

The shipboard daily program will inform you of the evening (after 6.00 p.m.) dress code onboard. The majority of evenings onboard are country club casual.

What To Pack: Dress guidelines

Casual night - Country club casual clothing; we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Formal - Gentlemen we suggest suit & tie and the ladies cocktail dress or pant suit for nights of glamour!

Arrival at the Port: Important reminders!

Do not pack passports, travel documents, prescription medication or valuables. Please check the sailing times and note that you should arrive at the port not later than one hour prior to departure. Allow enough time to reach the vessel. Passengers who are not at the check in 1 hour prior departure are considered as no-show. Allow sufficient time from your flight arrival at the airport to the port, taking into consideration possible heavy traffic.

Arrival at the Port: Embarkation Procedures

Have your passport and E-Ticket ready to present to the embarkation staff.  Upon check-in you will be issued your own personal embarkation card which will act as your security card to embark/disembark the vessel as well as your onboard payment card.

OnBoard: Luggage assistance

Your luggage will be delivered outside your cabin door. Please allow a maximum of two hours for delivery. If you have not received your luggage within this time period, or if you have not indicated the cabin number on your luggage, please speak with our Guest Relations personnel.

OnBoard: Valuables

Safety boxes for your valuable items, jewelry, money and documents are available onboard the vessel either in the cabin or at the Pursers Office. There is a nominal charge. The company is not responsible for any theft or loss of any items not kept in the safety boxes. The company does not accept responsibility for loss or theft of cameras, video cameras, chargers and other valuable items which are your responsibility at all times. Our liability is limited by the Athens Convention as per the carriers' conditions of carriage.

OnBoard: Alcohol policy

Alcoholic beverages purchased from our onboard shops or ashore will be stored by our Housekeeping Department and delivered to your cabin during the evening prior to disembarkation.

Shipboard Services: Duty Free & Travel Value shops

Discover the fine selection of items in our Duty Free & Travel Value shop. Our shop offers a selection of tasteful merchandise including fragrances, cosmetics, fashion wear, liquor, cigarettes and of course many Cuba Cruise branded souvenir items. The onboard shops are open daily while the ship is at sea. Customs regulations do not allow us to open whilst in port.

Shipboard Services: Photography Services

Your most memorable experiences onboard and during excursions may be photographed by our professional team of photographers. All photos will then be displayed at the vessel's Photo Gallery for you to view and purchase.

Shipboard Services: Casino

During your cruise you may try your luck with Slot Machines, or select the tables Roulette, Black Jack and Bingo! Minimum age 18 years. Note: Your shipboard account is not valid in the Casino.

Shipboard Services: Internet Facilities

All vessels offer internet facilities, the use of which is charged to your shipboard account and is available through wifi in all cabins and numerous Access Points and common areas of the ship.

Shipboard Services: Medical Facilities

A physician is available onboard our vessel 24 hours a day while at sea and during scheduled hours when the vessel is in port. Professional service, care and medication are offered by our ship physician. A customary fee is charged for the services and medication which can be charged to your shipboard account.

Shipboard Services: Beauty salon

Hair, manicure, pedicure and a variety of relaxing massage techniques are available onboard. A wide selection of organic skin products are available. Meet our experienced personnel for a complimentary consultation to select the services most suited to you and make sure to book your appointments early to avoid disappointment.

Stay In Touch: Mobile telephones

Please note that when your mobile phones are out of shore side network limits, their signal is transmitted via the vessel's satellite which increases the cost to you, the subscriber.

Stay In Touch: While onboard you can be contacted on the following numbers

Fax 00870 765096512/13  Telephone (Reception) 001 9546 726 798