Cooking With Beer – What You Need to Know

Beer and food pairings are nothing new. It’s a lot like pairing wine with food, and you can really amp up the enjoyment of a meal with the right combination. However, if you want to go the extra mile in your love of cuisine and food, there’s nothing quite like cooking with beer. Of course, beer batter has been around seemingly since humans first started frying foods, but there’s so much more that can be done with a good brew and some food.

Cooking with beer opens up the door to amazing creativity, some truly remarkable flavors and can make a singular difference in both your cooking process as well as how much you and your family and friends enjoy the food that comes out of your kitchen. However, before you start pouring lager or ale into your boiler, there are a few things that you need to know.

The #1 Rule

While you can achieve some remarkable things with beer added to the cooking process, you can also experience some dismal failures. Experimentation is the rule here, but remember this – never cook with a beer that you wouldn’t want to drink. Don’t care for Bud Light? Don’t put it in a recipe. Don’t like Pabst? Keep it out of the kitchen. Don’t like Crispin? Consider it a seasoning. It will work for all of the beers you brew, but remember this – never add beer on top of a recipe, as it may not be known as a rule.

Replace Liquids

Think about this – cooking with beer, the liquid form of the beverage is usually the worse thing for a chef or cook to have in their kitchen. Sure, you can live off of coffee and other such beverages, but there are other times when a liquid is the better choice. Dietitians and nutritionist often espouse the virtues of drinking more water or other beverages in general, due to the reduced intake on sodium and other ingredients that contribute to high blood pressure. On the other hand, ingesting the beverages can help you lose weight as the various sugarsjection helps to burn fat.

Not-So-Sweet Beer

What’s a stinky brew to do with a nice dinner? For one, it’s not going to do much for your waistline or overall health, since beer is known for adding to your overall size problem. You might as well just have a glass of water instead. On the other hand, being able to drink beer without getting your ass into trouble is literally amazing. Imagine being able to have beer delivered to your home without having to step foot through your front door. That is much more than just convenience; it’s the opposite of convenience. But still, water is free, and that is better than not being able to put it in your refrigerator at all.

The Best Beverages

As you would expect, wine and beer are the best beverages to drink at any functions, although beer is probably the most versatile of the two. It can also be a party and brings with it more fun and happiness than drinking juice, and yet you would still need those other two to enjoy the party. What better way to make it more fun than with the use of some good, refreshing beverages? Make sure you have a good array of beers and know when to change your drink selection.

By selecting wines, you also get to enjoy a wider range of flavor and infuse your foods with flavor as well. But here again, it is best to choose from a reliable wine cellar or restaurant. Is there a problem? Maybe. But if you think it is hard to choose the right wines to pour then you are mistaken. Here is a guide to choosing wines to drink with your meals.

For you to get the most out of enjoying your meal, it is vital for you to have a good array of wines. At the same time, you must remember that if the meals benefit from a good wine selection, it is also easy for you to drink a little less when it comes to the bigger choice wines. This would also help you cut your caloric intake since you are able to drink lighter foods during the party rather than heavier fare that might not only have a negative impact on your body but also draws attention away from the food that was prepared.

Choose wisely – Look for a rating or recommendation from your favorite chef or importer. Don’t rely just on the write-offs provided by the importer or distributor. You can also ask the attending chef. Certainly, great food can be served with a five-star meal but you might also need to play it safe on your part since some wines are very particular.

As for when you choose to open a wine gift basket, what you decide to include should be fairly easy to fix.

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