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Cirque Fantastic

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Experience Cirque Fantastic aboard the Celestyal Crystal. An unforgettable fantasy for the eyes and the senses.

"Generous and energetic, our shows will transport you to a universe filled with emotion, inspiration, serenity and virtuosity. The beauty, elegance and skill of our artists will touch and hypnotize you, in a moment of privileged enchantment, leaving you suspended beyond reality in a world where anything seems possible."

Founded in 1998 by veteran circus artist Marie-Josée Lévesque, Cirque Fantastic (CFC) custom-designs inspirational circus and variety shows for the corporate world, special events and the cruise industry. Recognized nationally and internationally, Montreal-based CFC guarantees a personalized and efficient professional service. CFC serves up a magical menu of excitement, enchantment and entertainment, performed by its vast company of exceptional circus artists and acrobats. Don't miss the troupe's colourful and spectacular new shows aboard the Celestyal Crystal. Abandon yourselves to the emotion of our unique shows' refined beauty. Get carried away into a world where everything is possible, as if suspended in time.

Join us on the Celestyal Crystal and be amazed by incredible shows performed by our 19 Cuban artists:

Cirque Fantastic - Latina Poster

LATINA is a thrilling dance show, punctuated with typical Cirque Fantastic juggling acts and acrobatics. Live musicians bring a whole other level of exciting immediacy to the rhythms of the Latin score.


LATINA invites you to discover Latin music and dances, from the Caribbean to the furthest edges of South America, in a series of dazzling choreographies. Your musical tour begins in a street of Havana. Looking youthful and bright­eyed in their white polka dot dresses, a group of young women come across a band of handsome shoe­shine boys. It’s love at first sight! Soon, they flirtatiously invite each other to dance to the vibrant sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club. At the tavern, the barman juggles with his bottles and the young people swing and twirl, carried away by the exhilarating melodies. In a glittering flash of gold, fiesta fever takes hold of them: it’s time for the wild tropical fruit dance! You jump next to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where an unbridled tango awaits. Then hop! you’re in Columbia, where stunning belly­dancers show you what they can do to Shakira’s pulsing beats. Disheveled and out of breath but completely elated, you conclude your Latin musical journey in the feathery glitter of the Rio Carnival and in a shower of confetti at a Puerto Rican feast.

Cirque Fantastic - Willkommen Poster

WILLKOMMEN is the best of what nocturnal life has to offer in terms of luxurious adventures and titillating thrills. A truly multidisciplinary show that dance aficionados will especially love.


WILLKOMMEN fuses the best of the circus, dance and burlesque together into a spectacular show that conjures up the seductive world of the night and its creatures. In a sexy and voluptuous ambience that evokes the Moulin Rouge in Paris or the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, your master of ceremonies, a giant singing puppet called Leo, welcomes you into a unique world draped in black and red. The sensuous beings that live there writhe in their aerial hoops and trapeze, dance acrobatic choreographies and, slipping behind a curtain, become curvaceous, slinky, moving shadows, all of your personal pleasure. Their lascivious, intoxicating presence explodes into a myriad sensations one moment and cajoles you the next. With their bowlers and top hats, their feathered boas and their tuxedos, the creatures of the Cabaret take you on a journey to the heart of burlesque, carried by the best tangos and music-hall's most popular songs.

Cirque Fantastic - Azucar Poster

AZUCAR propels you into the musical traditions of Cuba and its beloved dance styles, from the countryside to Havana. El baile, cha cha cha, rumba, La Rueda de Casino, mambo, el son — it’s the feast of life, love and happiness. Let the rum flow and the aroma of grilled pork fill the air!


AZUCAR invites you to the fiesta cubana! You are immediately whisked away to the flamboyant wedding of Juaquina and Don Pepe, under the beautiful sunshine and palm trees of the Tropics. The costumes and sets are brilliant white, peppered with bursts of red, green and blue. You are carried away by the music, fascinated by the dance of the papalote, Cuba’s iconic comet­shaped kites. Then, roosters are brought in for a cockfight. You are surrounded by singing and catcalls. Suddenly, emotions flare up! Luckily, the arrival of hot coffee pots and the introduction of a new dance calm things down, bringing back the joyful ambience just in time to wish Juaquina and Don Pepe a happy trip to Havana, as they leave in their carriage. In the streets of the capital, along the Obispo or the Malecon, you learn to dance the mozambique around the congas as well as the pilon to the sound of an a capella song. An acrobatic trio joins in just as the crowd launches into a wild mambo, followed by a romantic song and, capping it all off, a breathtaking salsa.

Cirque Fantastic - Poster

CIRQUE FANTASTIC is a complete circus show, peppered with choreography that can be dreamlike with umbrella­wielding dancers or mischievous with zebra head­adorned performers. The world’s best­loved pop songs envelop it all.


CIRQUE FANTASTIC invites you to a fun and breathtaking journey at the heart of circus history. Captivated by the live voices and music, you plunge into a world rich with age­old traditions that have been honed through the centuries to mesmerize all kinds of audiences. Contortion, hand­to­hand and the Chinese pole, some of the oldest circus traditions, guide you through the origins of circus arts. You can easily imagine these amazing acrobats at the court of kings in the Middle Ages or in the town squares of dynastic Asia, dazzling their audience with their astonishing strength and flexibility. But circus arts are constantly evolving and other incredible artists introduce you to more modern disciplines through a series of hypnotic aerial acts. Hoop, straps, bungee and even a giant chandelier lend their shapes and properties to the vertiginous somersaults of the dizzyingly skillful acrobats.

Cirque Fantastic - Cuba Folkoric Poster

CUBA FOLKORIC celebrates Cuban folklore in all its glory through circus arts — Chinese pole, aerial fabric, German wheel, fire twirling, giant transparent balloon, unicycle, and stilts. Let the spirit of the Caribbean carnival transport you!


CUBA FOLKORIC invites you to discover the history of the beautiful island through symbolic circus acts and choreography, from its first inhabitants — the Ciboney, the Guanajatabey and the Taino — all the way to the Spanish settlers who came after Christopher Columbus. Among these fascinating people, you will be spending most of your time in the world of the Cuban santeria, and in the company of its divinities, the Orisha. First, witness the population rebelling against the wooden staffs of those who have turned them into slaves, as they triumph over their masters. Now free to practice their religion, santeria, they dance the traditional makuta around a pole draped in red ribbons. And then, they celebrate the mystical beauty of their gods in a series of exciting tableaux. Elegua, the Keeper of the Roads; Yemaya, the Queen of the Oceans; Shango, the Storm­Master; Oshun, the Goddess of Love; Obatala, the Sky Father and creator of human life. The four elements are each represented in the acts: the shimmering air of intangible dreams, the yellow earth of carnal desires, the blue water of the deepest seas and the red fire of booming thunderstorms. Always fascinating and spellbinding.

Cirque Fantastic - Coco Circo Poster

COCO CIRCO TROPICAL offers you a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate very special guest artists, the performers of Circuba, Havana’s prestigious circus school, in a sexy, sensational ambience that allows them to showcase their considerable talents.


COCO CIRCO TROPICAL takes you back in time to the 1950s. Delve into a Cuban saga worthy of Dick Tracy, where you will encounter ominous gangsters, phenomenal dancers and mesmerizing celebrities. Welcome to the imaginary Coco Circo, your tropical cabaret! A whirlwind of colours and bellowing brass instruments await you as you walk in, under the flashes of the paparazzi. The cabaret is hosting famous guests: Cuban singing sensation Benny More, king of Chicago underground Al Capone and even the most glamorous star in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe! Everyone sits down in front of the red curtain, waiting for the show. Dancers, valets and waiters pirouette from table to table. An aerial fabric act followed by an acrobatic trio take the audience’s breath away. Marilyn walks on stage with her diamonds and sings for the crowd. Acrobatic rope and hoop acts captivate you. Peanut vendors also get into the groove, but an aerial dancer soon spins into everyone’s attention, followed by the Icario duet and their awe­inspiring bungee stunts. The queen of salsa herself, Celia Cruz, leads the grand finale, which combines dance, tightrope walking, hand­to­hand acts and singing.

Cirque Fantastic - Revolucion Poster

REVOLUCION is a story of eternal love. That of a people for their country. That of a man and a woman for each other. Told in songs, dance and acrobatics. At once spectacular and meditative, passionate and romantic.


REVOLUCION plunges you into the turmoil and exaltation of the Cuban Revolution. It is the 1950s, the time of the Batista regime. A shoe­shine boy meets a young woman in the streets of Havana. The city’s dance cabarets are brimming with life. Intoxicated by the romantic music, the young couple falls in love under the diffuse lights of the Malecon’s lampposts. But a general workers’ strike cuts their romance short. A spirit of revolt simmers among the population and, soon enough, rebels march through the streets in their green uniforms. The music beats the rhythms of a stunning German wheel act. The couple is separated by the revolutionary shock wave. As she travels to the U.S., she writes a goodbye letter to her love, while he thinks of Her at the Havana table where their love story began. Two performers translate the lovers’ melancholy into a poignant aerial fabric ballet. Before long, he is thrown into the conflict with his comrades. Rope and giant elastic acrobatics are used to represent the fighting and sacrifices they must endure to bring about their dreams of freedom. At last, a new day comes. The new regime makes education compulsory for everyone. People learn how to write “LOVE” and “HOPE”. Years pass, but the couple separated by the ocean still ache for each other. Will they find their way back to each other?

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