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U.S. Travelers

It's an exciting time to travel to Cuba. With new charter flights from a variety of major cities provided by leading airlines, new regulations that open the door for all US citizens and so much more, travelling to Cuba has never been easier!!


New regulations open Cuba to U.S. travelers!


Because of policy changes by the Obama Administration, US citizens and permanent residents can now travel to Cuba legally within twelve general license categories as modified by the Office of Foreign Assets Control in January & September 2015 as well as the first quarter of 2016.  Celestyal Cruises is working with Mediterranean Cruise Consultants, Inc. and has developed a people-to-people itinerary that meets current U.S. legal requirements for a full time program of educational and cultural exchange activities.  Special shore excursions have been designed to comply with OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) regulations while providing opportunities for personal discovery and enrichment.   On board we offer an array of lectures, discussions, demonstrations and cultural exchanges.


Celestyal Cruises now welcomes Americans aboard by offering two easy ways to travel:


  1. Book directly with your travel agent or Celestyal Cruises and you will be automatically registered for the People to People Cuba Cruise group program with Celestyal Cruises and Mediterranean Cruise Consultants, Inc.  
  2. Book a comprehensive program with an authorized U.S. tour operator partner.

"That's it! You are ready to experience the real Cuba with Celestyal Cruises"    


Important Information


What to know about booking flights:

Celestyal Cruises calls at Montego Bay, Jamaica every Friday and at Havana, Cuba every Monday.
Montego Bay flights are usually same day connections both ways and the less expensive option.
Havana flights often cost more but offer the option of extra time in Havana before and after the cruise.

What to know about our approved people to people programs:

Enjoying our Celestyal Cruises “People to People” approved cruise program is incredibly easy. When you purchase your P2P cruise you will automatically be enrolled in the approved program and eligible for your letter confirming participation.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your cruise and experience the “Authentic Cuba” in a way no other cruise line can offer. You will automatically be enrolled in our various People to People cultural shore excursions, presentations, talks and events.

Our registered People to People representative will confirm your participation and present you with a certificate at the end of your cruise.

That is it!


Special programs for US Citizens and Residents

Complete Details on Celestyal Cruises approved P2P programs. Available here!

It is still not legal for Americans to have a conventional tourist holiday in Cuba. OFAC regulations require we provide for US citizens and residents a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities". Our special programs on board and designated people to people excursions are a part of your all-inclusive package.



2017 Authentic Cuban Experience Program