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Passenger FAQ

Your Ship

When was the ship built?

The Celestyal Crystal is a 1992 conversion. In 1994 the ship was entirely renovated. Since then, Celestyal Crystal has been refurbished several times and renovated continually. The last renovations were in the fall of 2015 when 43 balcony cabins were added. (Total number of balconies: 53)

How big is the ship?

25,611 tonnes - 162m long (531 ft). It has nine passenger decks, 476 staterooms of which 53 have balconies, and can accommodate 952 guests in lower berths (total capacity1200).

How big are the cabins and balconies?

General questions about the cabin you’re interested in can be answered by your Travel Agent.

Do any of the cabins’ windows open?

With the exception of the balcony suites, the windows on the ship do not open for safety reasons.

What are some of the ship’s meeting area amenities?

Celestyal Crystal has conference rooms with audio/visual equipment such as: video projector, podium, flat screen TV, DVD player, laptops, flip charts, audio systems, and microphones. Conference rooms are located on Ouranos deck 8.

Is there a medical centre onboard?

Yes. The Celestyal Crystal has a medical center onboard. If you are taking any prescription medications we suggest that you carry a few days’ extra supply in case of flight delays or other unforeseen circumstances. Medication should be carried in your hand luggage. If you have any allergies, please alert your Travel Agent.

What is the electrical voltage onboard?

All cabins have electrical outlets for both 110 and 220 volts.

Is there an emergency contact number for the ship?

Yes. The ship can be contacted at the following numbers: 001 9546 726 798/99 (Reception) and by fax: 00870 765096512/13.

Will there be cell phone service while onboard the ship?

Yes, but please note that when your mobile phones are out of shore side network limits, the signal will be transmitted via the vessels’ satellite which increases the cost to you the subscriber. Please note that due to the vessel’s geographical location, local satellite communication interruptions may be experienced.

Are there scheduled church services onboard?

There are no scheduled church services onboard the ship.

Beverages & Dining

What’s included in my cruise?

Celestyal Cruise’s 7-day “All-Inclusive” package consists of all meals onboard; selected, predetermined shore excursions, beverage package*, gratuities, port charges, evening entertainment and theme nights.

* There are 3 different types of all-inclusive drink packages: white, blue and gold.
Pre-purchased Blue (alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks) or white (non-alcoholic drinks) are incorporated in your cruise package+, however you may upgrade to our premium gold package.

+ For the German market only: beverage package will vary and is dependent on the package purchased).

How are meals served?

As a general rule the following applies:

Buffet breakfast is served in Amalthia Restaurant (Ouranos Deck 8), as well as Leda Casual Dining (Hera Deck 9).

Lunch is served “A la Carte” in Amalthia Restaurant (Ouranos Deck 8), as well as the lunch buffet in Leda Casual Dining (Hera Deck 9).

Dinner is always served “A la Carte” in Amalthia Restaurant (Ouranos Deck 8), and the Olympus Restaurant (Dionyssos Deck 5). Alternatively, buffet dinner is served in the Leda Casual Dining (Hera Deck 9) with the exception of the Captain’s Dinner and Gala Night.

Will there be snacks served in addition to the meals?

Snacks outside designated times, sandwiches, and pizza are available at an extra cost and can be purchased at the bars or other designated areas onboard.
Afternoon tea is available at no additional charge.

What is the menu like onboard?

Meat and produce is imported from North America weekly. Rum and some produce is purchased locally in Cuba. To provide you with an ‘authentic Cuba’ experience,
parts of the menu will explore modern and pre-1950s Cuban cuisine. Every day there will be an authentic Cuban dish served for lunch and dinner while the rest of the menu will include international dishes with a twist of Cuban flavors.

How do I notify you that I have a special dietary request?

Please notify your Travel Agent or call Celestyal Cruises
Upon boarding, allergies or concerns should be mentioned to the ship’s Maitre D’. We can accommodate gluten free meal requests. Kosher meals can be arranged upon request at an extra charge. Kosher meals must be pre-booked at minimum 40 days prior to your sailing date.

Are there two seating’s for meals?

Meals will be served on an open seating basis commencing at 6:30pm.

Can I sit with my friends or family at the same table for dinner each night?

Yes, please arrive in the Dining room at the same time with your friends and family. Our Maitre D’ will seat you together at the same table, subject, of course, to the size of the group. Large groups should contact the Maitre D’ through the Reception desk for further arrangements.

What is the dress code for dinners?

Smart casual, no shorts or sandals for the gentlemen. For the Captain’s dinner and gala event, elegant attire is encouraged but is entirely optional. Swimsuits and flip-flops are not allowed in the restaurants. Shorts or Bermuda shorts may be worn at dinner time in the Leda Casual dining on deck 9.

Is there room service available?

Yes, 24 hours/day for snacks, sandwiches, hot/cold beverages including beer and wine. Menu prices, with no delivery surcharge.

Is the tap water onboard the ship drinkable?

Yes, all water onboard is safe to drink. Tap water is freely available throughout the ship. Bottled water is also available onboard.

What is the minimum age for drinking alcohol onboard?

The minimum drinking age onboard is 18 years of age at time of sailing.

Are beverage packages available*?

Yes, with our all-inclusive program, pre-purchased choice of beverage packages will be reflected in the booking record The Blue Alcoholic Beverage package is preselected for adults 18 + years old. For our 2 to 17 years old guests a non-alcoholic drink package is selected. For select markets, pre-purchasing your beverage package may qualify for an early booking discount.

* For the German market only, the beverage package depends on the holiday package you have

What is included in the beverages package?

For a full description of our beverage packages please refer to

Can only one person in a cabin buy the package?

No, all occupants in the cabin must pre-select a choice of drink package (excluding children less than 5 years old).

Can I bring my own alcohol onboard?

Guests are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onboard during embarkation or in the ports of call. Any alcoholic beverages brought onboard will be collected by the ship’s security staff and passengers must remember to pick them up prior to their final disembarkation, as shipment of alcohol is not allowed.


What to Pack

What should we pack for our cruise?

Day wear: During summer, casual light-weight resort wear, including light cotton clothing, swimwear and beach robe are recommended. Tennis shoes or low heeled walking shoes are most suitable for exploring the ports of call. In case of a cool breeze or unexpected shower a light jacket or sweater is recommended. Please pack heavier attire during the winter months. A hat and sunglasses are always recommended. Binoculars will be a great asset to your enjoyment whilst at sea and during excursions. We also suggest you have your camera ready at
all times. When visiting places of worship, shorts are not allowed and shoulders should be covered. It is very important that you bring with you mosquito repellant for ashore use.

Evening wear: The shipboard daily program will inform you of the evening (after 6:00 pm ) dress code onboard. The majority of evenings onboard are country club casual but, there is one formal evening included. Suggested attire for the formal night: a suit for gentle-men and a cocktail dress or pants suit for the ladies.

Reservation Guidelines

What is the minimum age to travel?

For health and safety, infants under 3 months old are not permitted onboard. If your baby is older than 3 months, they may travel. If a baby cot is required, please alert your Travel Agent. Please note that we do not carry baby food, nor do we provide babysitting service. Please ensure that children/infant life jackets have been placed in your cabin. For more information about travelling with a baby, you may contact your Travel Agent or our call center at 1- 855-364-4999 or by email to Infants, children and youths are welcome if accompanied by their parents or a guardian of age 18 years old and above.

Are pregnant passengers permitted to travel?

Yes, only up to their 24th week of pregnancy, provided that they are holders of a written certification for travelling ability issued by their gynecologist.
We recommend that pregnant women who have not yet completed the 12th week of their pregnancy by the date of the cruise, to contact their gynecologist.

Are there any special health requirements?

Check with your Travel Agent and/or your doctor regarding the health requirements of the countries to be visited. In certain circumstances a “fit to travel” declaration from your physician may be required. Passengers who need assistance and/or have special requests or need special facilities or equipment must notify their Travel Agent or contact our call center at 1-855-3644999 at the time of booking.

Please see “Terms and Conditions, CLIENTS REQUIRING EXTRA CARE & ASSISTANCE” on the Celestyal Cruises website

What is the policy for name changes and cancellation penalties?

See “Terms & Conditions” on the Celestyal Cruises website (unless otherwise specified in your contract)

Is there a waitlist option? 


Do I need a valid passport?

A valid passport is required for the cruise. You will need your passport and your Cuban visa to disembark at every port of call in Cuba during this voyage.

Specifically for Canadian passport holders passport validity of 1 month from the last day of travel is required when flying into Cuba. For U.S. passport holders, passport validity must be for the duration of stay when flying into Cuba. All guests flying/or cruising into Jamaica holding U.S., or Canadian Passports, passports must be valid for the duration of your stay in Jamaica. We also suggest that you bring a photocopy of your passport and leave it in your cabin.

It is the responsibility of our passengers to secure the latest updates on passports validity and to obtain at their own expense all necessary travel documents required by relevant government authorities, at all ports of call, and to comply with the various laws thereof.

Do I need a Cuban Visa?

If you are travelling with a non-Canadian or U.S. passport, please check with your local Cuban Consulate or Tourist Office for any specific requirements.

If you embark in Havana, Cuba: To enter Cuba you will need a Cuban visa. This may be included with your airfare and will be provided to you on your flight. If you need to purchase a Cuban visa please contact the local Cuban Embassy/Consulate in your home country. You will need to keep the Cuban visa in your passport at all times. You will need to surrender your visa to the Cuban authorities when the ship departs from Cienfuegos on route to Jamaica. Before re-entering Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, you will obtain a new visa from our reception desk. The cost is already covered in your cruise fare. A Jamaican visa is not required for transit passengers that are visiting the port of Montego Bay
for a few hours.

If you embark in Montego Bay, Jamaica: You will obtain your Cuban visa from the reception desk upon check in. The cost is covered in your cruise fare. In addition to the Cuban visa, if you embark in Montego Bay, please check with the local Jamaican Embassy/Consulate, whether a Jamaican visa is required, in order to fly into Jamaica.

Do I require medical or travel insurance?

Medical insurance is mandatory for all tourists visiting Cuba. This is a requirement of the Cuban government and all passengers MUST be able to show proof of medical insurance before they are allowed to board the ship. Without proof of medical insurance you will be denied boarding and in such cases no refunds will be provided. Travel insurance is however highly recommended although not mandatory, for your own protection.

Does Celestyal Cruises offer insurance?

Yes, in cooperation with Mondial Assistance we offer passengers traveling with us, the opportunity to purchase travel and compulsory medical insurance designed with the cruise in mind. Mondial Assistance is one of the leading names worldwide providing travel insurance and assistance services. Please visit the insurance page of our website under the Your Cruise tab for full details on the policy. You can purchase insurance at the time of booking or by visiting our website at:

Are there departure taxes to pay when leaving Cuba or Jamaica?

If you are flying out of Jamaica there is a departure tax of $35 USD per person (subject to change) which is usually collected by the airlines through your ticket.
If you are a Jamaican national or if you have stayed in Jamaica for more than 24 hours before your cruise you will be required to pay the departure tax of $35 USD per person (subject to change) when you arrive at the port of Montego Bay.

Can I travel with Celestyal Cruises if I am an American citizen?

Yes. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has introduced new general licenses within 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba that require no formal application, prior permission nor advance notification to U.S. officials. Celestyal Cruises now welcomes Americans onboard by offering two easy ways to travel: book a comprehensive program with an authorized U.S. tour operator partner or book through your preferred Travel Agent. See our website for more details.

According to Cuba Tourism, Cuba does not impose any restrictions on Americans. Their entry requirements are the same for all countries: tourists will need a valid passport and a Cuban visa. In the case of Americans, passports should be valid for the duration of your stay. While for Canadian passport holders, passport validity of 1 month from the date of travel is sufficient. Please note that as part of the People to People license required for all U.S. passengers, you will need to complete the necessary programs and shore excursions while sailing with us.

Is the ship wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Celestyal Crystal is wheelchair accessible. The ship offers a limited number of wheelchair accessible cabins. They have wood floors, wider doors, and a lightly ramped floor into the washroom. Photos are available upon request. Booking a wheelchair accessible cabin is done through our reservations department call center on a request basis. If you require a wheelchair for
any part of your cruise due to mobility issues, please contact your Travel Agent or call 1-855364-4999 in order to obtain and complete a questionnaire that will allow us to assess your needs and provide the best information and accommodation for you while onboard with us.

However, at certain ports of call, small boats known as “tenders” are used to transport passengers from the ship to shore. Certain tenders may not be accessible to individuals using wheelchairs or mobility scooters. In addition the tendering process at a particular port under weather, sea, swell, current and/or tide conditions may prove difficult for a safe transfer to take place. In each case, it will be the decision of the ship’s Master to determine, based on his evaluation of safety issues for our guests and crew, whether or not a guest using a wheelchair may board a tender. In order to safely board tenders, guests must be able to take steps and use a collapsible/fold up wheelchair; motorized wheel-chairs and mobility scooters cannot be taken on tenders.

How do I find out the price for my trip with Celestyal Cruises?

Please call your Travel Agent or visit our website at to check prices and availability. Your Travel Agent will begin the booking process for choice date and the available cabins will display with prices.

Are there any additional port charges and gratuity fees?

Port charges and gratuities are included in your cruise fare. For sailings after November 18, 2016, port charges & gratuities are $304(USD)/€235 per person for adults, $269(USD)/€207pp for children (age 2-11.99) and $234(USD)/€179pp for infants (3 months - 1.99 years).

Do infants pay cruise fare, port charges and gratuities?

Infants from 3 months and up to their second birth date as of the first day of sailing do not pay a cruise fare when sharing a cabin with a minimum of two adults. Port charges and gratuities of $234(USD)/€179pp must be paid.

If I am travelling by myself, is there a single supplement?

Yes, there is a single supplement. It is an additional 80% of the cruise price for categories IA to XD and 100% for cabins XF and higher.

Does Celestyal Cruises also offer flights?

No. Celestyal Cruises does not offer flights. Please check with your Travel Agent or preferred airline for information.

Are transfers from airport to ship and ship to airport available?

Yes. Please contact your Travel Agent or call 1-855-364-4999 for pricing.

How far are the piers from the airports?

From the Havana Airport to the Havana pier the drive is approximately 1 hour; from the Varadero Airport to the Havana pier it is a 2-hour drive.

The address of the pier in Havana is:

Terminal de cruceros (CRUISE TERMINAL) Muelle San Francisco, Avenida San Pedro No 1, Municipio Habana Vieja, La Habana

In Jamaica the drive from the Montego Bay Airport to the pier in Montego Bay is approximately 45 minutes.

The address of the pier in Montego Bay is:

Montego Bay Cruise Ship Terminal. Montego Freeport, St. James Jamaica W.I.

Are there pre- and post-cruise options?

No. Celestyal Cruises does not provide pre and post options. Please contact your Travel Agent for options.

Is it possible to disembark at ports other than Havana and Montego Bay?

No, it is not possible to deviate from the standard cruise itinerary. Exceptions can be made in case of emergency.

What are the embarkation and disembarkation times?

Embarkation in Havana is MONDAY between 1pm and 11pm. Disembarkation after the ship is cleared by Cuban authorities is at approximately 11am. All passengers should be fully disembarked by 1pm. In Havana the drive to the Jose Marti Airport is approximately 1 hour. The drive to Varadero is approximately 2 hours. Passengers who are not at the check in 1 hour prior to departure are considered as no-show. Allow sufficient time from your flight arrival at the airport to the port, taking into consideration possible heavy traffic.

Embarkation in Montego Bay is FRIDAY from 1pm to 4:30pm. Disembarkation is any time after 10am. All passengers should be fully disembarked by 12pm. Please note that you should arrive at the port not later than one hour prior to departure. Passengers who are not at the check in 1 hour prior to departure are considered as no-show. Allow sufficient time from your flight arrival at the airport to the port, taking into consideration possible heavy traffic. The drive to the airport in Montego Bay is approximately 45 minutes from the pier.

Are there luggage restrictions?

Please contact your airline for luggage allowances. We strongly recommend the use of security locks for your luggage throughout your journey. Jewelry, medication, travel documents and passport/ID should be kept in your hand luggage which should be kept with you at all times. All luggage should be clearly labeled. Celestyal Cruises is not responsible for any loss or damage to your luggage during transit to the vessel. In case of loss or damage, you should immediately advise the carriers involved and your travel insurance company.

Does Celestyal Cruises provide luggage tags?

Yes, luggage tags are provided at the pier upon check in. Your luggage will be tagged and delivered to your cabin.

Are there any items that will not be allowed onboard?

Please note that fire arms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, deadly weapons and knives or sharp blades over four inches long, stun guns, blank or prop guns, gun replicas and illegal drugs of any kind are prohibited without exception. If you are carrying any of these items you are obliged to declare them to the security staff. Failing to do so may result in denial to board and prosecution by the authorities. For safety reasons hover boards, drones or similar devices are not allowed onboard our ships.

Reservation System

What is the option and payment policy?

Bookings will hold on option for 1 day, after which deposit is due in order to hold the booking until final payment. Final payment is due 60 days prior to sailing. Option period for bookings made through a Travel Agent may vary. Bookings that do not have the deposit applied within the advised period will automatically cancel.

How do I make a reservation with Celestyal Cruises?

Please contact your Travel Agent.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

Yes, you will need to either contact your Travel Agent or call 1 855 364-4999

Is it possible to purchase bon voyage gifts?

Yes. Celestyal Cruises can provide special celebration packages and gifts such as fruit baskets, flowers, wine, or a gift certificate for the spa at an extra cost. We recommend making arrangements no less than two weeks before sailing to ensure the gift is available onboard. Please contact your Travel Agent or 1 855 364-4999.

Is it possible to add special requests when making a reservation (bedding, diet restrictions, etc.)?

Yes, please contact your Travel Agent or call 1-855-364-4999.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What are the terms and conditions associated with cancellation?

A full description of our cancellation policy is listed in the Terms & Conditions on our website.

Is web check-in required prior to sailing?

Web check-in is not required. All mandatory information required is collected at the time of the booking (name, passport number date of issue & expiration, date of birth, address, etc.)

What do I need to board the ship?

As soon as a booking is paid in full an E-ticket will be issued automatically to the email on file. This E-ticket, along with your passport, visa (where applicable) and medical insurance is all you will need to board the ship.

What should I do if I do not have access to the Internet onboard?

Please contact our call center.

Will there be a lifeboat drill?

According to maritime law, everyone is required to participate in a muster (emergency procedure) drill prior to the ship’s departure. This drill is mandatory and will be announced over the public address system. Please pay careful attention to the instructions that are provided. Once in your cabin, please read the safety instructions and familiarize yourself with the location of your life jacket.

What is the currency onboard?

The currency onboard is U.S. Dollars, however all hard currencies are accepted at the ship’s currency exchange rate for the final settlement of your onboard account. Please ensure that you bring U.S. Dollars from home. To pay for your shipboard account you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Cash in U.S. Dollars. Personal checks are not accepted.

How do I settle my shipboard account?

During the check-in procedure in the cruise terminal, you will receive your personal boarding card. You will use the card when making any purchases on the ship, ordering beverages, duty free, spa services etc. You will also require your boarding card to leave and return onboard. Shortly after you embark, you are requested to visit the Reception desk to provide us with your credit card details or a cash deposit for your onboard purchases. The night prior to disembarkation, you will be provided with an itemized bill and asked to settle your account with the credit card you left on file. If you would like a separate account from your travelling companion, you will need to advise the Reception desk of this upon embarkation. In case of loss of your boarding card, please report it immediately to the vessel’s Security officer or Reception staff.

What languages will be spoken onboard the ship?

Primarily English. Announcements and printed materials will be available in English and several other languages, depending on passengers’ nationalities. Out of courtesy to your fellow travelers, we ask that you remain quiet during all announcements. Please pay attention to all announcements, especially the ones concerning your safety. We have an international crew that will undoubtedly be able to assist you in any language you prefer.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is permitted only in assigned areas on open decks. Please check the ship’s daily program for further guidance.

Are hairdryers provided?

Yes, they are available in all cabin categories.

Is there a wake-up call service onboard?


Is there a safety deposit box for storing valuables in all cabins?

Yes, they are available in all cabins and can be used to store important documentation, and valuable items such as jewelry, money, etc. The company is not responsible for any theft or loss of any items not kept in the safety deposit boxes. The company does not accept responsibility for loss or theft of cameras, video cameras, chargers, mobile phones, lap tops, tablets, jewelry or any other valuable items which are your responsibility at all times. Our liability is limited by the Athens Convention as per the carriers’ conditions of carriage.

What kind of activities are available for children onboard?

Kids’ activities are provided for 1-2 hours per day depending on demand and number of children onboard. Celestyal Cruises is not able to offer babysitting services. Minimum age for participation in kids’ activities is 4 years old. The Kids’ Room may not always be available throughout the cruise. Please check with the Reception desk once onboard for the most up-todate details on our Kids’ programs and in your Daily Program.

Are there computers onboard with Internet access? If I bring my own laptop is there Wi-Fi? Is there an additional charge for this service?

The Celestyal Crystal relies on satellite service for its communications. You can purchase internet access for all of your devices at a cost (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) and is available through wifi in all cabins and numerous Access Points and common areas of the ship.

Can I use the telephone to call home?

Yes, satellite telephone calls are available at an extra charge. You will find dialing information in your cabin information folder.

Is there a gift shop onboard?

Yes, the ship is equipped with a gift shop, Agora Duty Free, on Dionyssos deck 5.

Are there laundry facilities onboard?

Self-service laundry is not available on our ship but we do offer full laundry and dry cleaning services. You will find a complete list of services and charges in your cabin. We do not provide irons in staterooms as they constitute a fire hazard. Bringing your own personal iron or clothes steamer is also not permitted.

Are spa and fitness services onboard?

Yes. The Celestyal Crystal offers a full service wellness center onboard. The wellness center is located on deck 9. Hair, manicure, pedicure, a variety of relaxing massage techniques, and wide selection of organic skin products are available onboard. Meet our experienced personnel for a complimentary consultation to select the services most suited to you and make sure to book your appointments early to avoid disappointment. Also on deck 9 is the Olympian fitness center available to all passengers. Consult your daily newsletter for fitness center hours.

Is there a casino onboard?

Yes. During your cruise, you may try your luck on the slot machines, roulette, black jack or bingo. Minimum age is 18 years. Please note that your shipboard account is not valid in the Casino.

Shore Excursions

Which shore excursions are included in Celestyal Cruise’s all-inclusive package?

Selected, predetermined shore excursions are included.*

* For German market only: depending on the holiday package you have purchased

Can I change any of these included predetermined shore excursions?

No. The Shore Excursion team has selected excursions nothing short of extraordinary in every port. With local guides and experts, Cuban onboard experts, and Cuba’s incredible natural diversity we will help you find your authentic Cuba. Arrangements can be made onboard the ship for additional shore excursions.

If I take an Excursion on the last day of travel, can my luggage be stored until my return?

Yes, storage can be arranged. Please contact the Reception desk for further information.

What currency should I be using when ashore?

In Cuba the currency is the CUC. When going to exchange money please bring your passport. In Jamaica the currency is the Jamaican dollar, however U.S. Dollars and Euro is widely accepted.

Are shore excursions offered in languages other than English?

Yes. We can accommodate various languages as long as minimum numbers are satisfied. It is recommended that you call your Travel Agent or 1 855 364-4999 to advise on your preferred language four weeks prior to sailing.

Are wheelchair accessible excursions available?

Although Celestyal Cruises takes the comfort of passengers using wheelchairs very seriously, facilities in ports of call vary significantly; wheelchair accessibility may not be available for shore tours or in certain ports of call. Celestyal Cruises is not responsible for accessibility in its ports of call.


Please feel free to check out our YouTube Channel to get a feel for our cruise.