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Santiago Panoramique

Cuba Cruise - Santiago de Cuba - Ifigenia

“Panoramic Santiago” tour

We will meet with Dr. Martha Cordié Jackson, a historian and the director of the African Cultural Center “Fernando Ortiz.” Following Dr. Jackson’s presentation, we will enjoy a dance performance, and have a chance to speak with the performers afterwards. Next, we will visit three iconic locations. One is a memorial to Antonio Maceo, the “Bronze Titan,” who led two wars for independence before he was slain by Spanish bullets in 1896. The second is San Juan Hill, where Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders defeated the Spanish in 1898 after the USA entered the Cuban-Spanish-American War. Our third visit will be the Moncada Barracks, where Fidel and Raul Castro commenced their 1953 assault on the Batista regime. 
After our tour, you may return to the ship for lunch and relaxation, or you can opt to be dropped-off in the colonial central square of Santiago, home to the city’s cathedral, shops and privately-owned restaurants (called paladares”). After walking along the streets of this colonial gem, you can return to the ship on foot or by taxi.


Santiago de Cuba
Type de tour: 
Culture et histoire
Quoi apporter: 
caméra et argent
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Time of Day: 
All Day