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Celestyal Cruises is proud to announce that the installation of Cabins Wireless Access Point and all related networking equipment aboard Celestyal Crystal is completed successfully. All cabins are covered with WiFi signal and all public areas existing APs were replaced with the most updated access points. The new APs provide better connection quality to the passengers and will improve the...

A unique all-inclusive, seven-day circumnavigation of one of the world’s most beautiful island.

We wish to announce Celestyal Cruises is returning to Cuba on October 20th, 2017, for our 5th year of winter deployment; our unmatched, all-inclusive, seven-day circumnavigation of one of the world’s most beautiful island nations will continue to...

This is the first part in Caitlin Martin’s recap of her 7-day Cuban adventure with Celestyal Cruises.

Author: Caitlin Martin

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On visite trop souvent Cuba en se concentrant sur ses plages et ses hôtels tout compris sans prendre le temps de découvrir ses villes et leur riche histoire.

Lise Giguere

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Our thoughts are with the people of Cuba as they work to overcome the damage wrought by Hurricane Irma last week. Though it suffered some damage, the resilient and welcoming people of this beautiful island are now in the midst of their clean-up and repairs. We have not changed our cruise schedule or our itinerary, and we are pleased to continue to contribute to the country's economy during...

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  Nous aimerions vous mettre au courant des récents développements à propos des affectations de nos navires et de leurs périodes d’activités et ce, aussi bien en Mer Égée qu’à Cuba, pour le reste de 2017 et la saison 2018.


  Peut-être êtes-vous déjà informé de notre décision à l’effet que les activités de Celestyal Cruises à...