This is “Your Cuba”             

As a Cuba Cruise passenger, “Your Cruise” can include visits to a total of six UNESCO world heritage sites and four National Parks & Preserves. You will walk down cobblestone streets, up mountain paths, through rain forests and, of course, on fabulous world-famous beaches. And, each night you'll enjoy the incredible food, entertainment and comfort of your world-class ship. Experience the best of an all-inclusive resort and a cruise vacation, combined with a Cuba that few people ever get the chance to see.

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Your Cuba Cruise* ship travels counter clockwise around the island with itineraries starting in Havana, Cuba and Montego Bay, Jamaica - you choose. Same ship, same week, with two unique ways to start your cruise. Along the way, we stop to explore, enrich, relax and enjoy.

Passengers can begin their trip from either Havana, Cuba or Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Itinerary, arrival and departure times subject to change.


This city of 2 million people is one of the great historical cities of the New World. A throwback in time, it displays a combination of colonialism, capitalism, and Communism blended into one. Then we have the afternoon to explore this city.

We sail out of the harbour and past the magnificent colonial era forts that guard the entrance.

After boarding the vessel and checking into our cabins, we make our way to the outer deck for a welcome briefing and cocktail party with Mojitos, and Cuba Libres. Here you will meet our team of guides, lecturers, and shipboard staff, who will provide you with an overview of the week ahead and explain how things work onboard the ship.

Our meal tonight is our welcome dinner, showcasing a variety of traditional Cuban food. Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean recipes, and the result is a unique and flavourful blend of several cultural influences. We have gone to great lengths to deliver an incredible onboard food experience while you travel Cuba, and tonight will be no exception. Dine with fellow passengers, before retiring to the upper deck to wave good-bye as we set sail from the port of Havana.

Santiago De Cuba

One of the most interesting and historically significant places in Cuba is Santiago de Cuba. Founded by Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez de Cuellar in 1514, Santiago was the capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba from 1522 until 1589. Today, Santiago remains the most important urban area outside of Havana, and is home to the birth of most forms of Cuba’s long-lasting and globally renowned music. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy the music originating in Santiago.

Of more political importance, Santiago is known for being the Cradle of the Revolution. It was here, in 1953, Fidel Castro led an ill-prepared attack on Batistas Barracks at Moncada. And finally, a few years later after successfully toppling Batista and his dictatorship, Castro gave his victory speech in Parque Cespedes in Santiago.

The region is well known for many other things. There are the ruins of French coffee plantations to the east of the city in the mountains that are recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. The famed Cuban cigar has deep-rooted tradition in Santiago, as does the production of rum. Both a cigar factory, and rum distillery can be found in Santiago.

This region has the largest concentration of Afro-Cubans and is the center for Afro-Cuban culture. No doubt this has influenced the proliferation of music from the area over the centuries. Several music venues are to be found here, showcasing the diverse range and forms of Cuban music. There is even an outlet of the Tropicana night club.

We arrive at Santiago de Cuba after breakfast and will spend the entire day here. You will have several options to experience the region through onshore excurions and venturing off on your own. You may return to the ship at any time to relax and take a break. Dinner will be served onboard, but you are free to stay in town for a meal with live music accompaniment. We are here until midnight, so there is lots of time to have fun onshore.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is one of our two exciting embarkation ports.

With unique culture, amazing beaches, picturesque mountains, and incredible duty free shopping, we couldn’t pass this up.

Go horseback riding on the beach, take in a round of golf, explore a plantation, or meander around the shops and enjoy.

Whether you start your cruise here or spend the day, Montego Bay is extraordinary.

Cienfuegos & Trinidad

Enjoy the beautiful City of Cienfuegos and view the impressive Castillo de Jagua: a fortress erected in 1745 for protection against Caribbean pirates.

Visit the Colonial village of Trinidad, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Bask in the warmth of the people and the charming cobblestone streets.

Extraordinary Cruising

You will take in all the magical corners of Cuba, enjoy our time in Jamaica, all the while circumnavigating the Caribbean’s largest island on an amazing travel experience.

This is the Cuba you were meant to see, and the one you had only dreamt of until now.

Come join us and find “Your Cuba”.

Extraordinary Excursions

Cuba Cruise® excursions are offered in every port and are nothing short of extraordinary. Utilizing local guides, experts, onboard naturalists and Cuba’s incredible natural diversity, we help you “Find Your Cuba”. Available excursions can be enlightening, cultural, historical and adventurous...

The best thing is you get to decide.

Examples Include:

  • Pre & Post Havana and Jamaica stays
  • Six UNESCO sites
  • National Parks
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Diving & Snorkeling
  • Rainforest Hiking
  • Cultural/Historical tours
  • Cigar & Rum Factories
  • Sugar & Coffee Plantations
  • Music, Dancing & Nightlife
  • Cathedrals and Castles
  • Boating & Catamaran trips
  • Jungle & Mangrove tours
  • Weddings